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CTET 2019 Study Plan

Like all competitive exams, practicing till you attain accuracy is the key mantra. With the right guidance and preparation, it is not difficult to clear CTET. Hardwork and right planning can ensure your chances of clearing CTET in the first attempt.

Time Required

3-6 months for the preparation of CTET based on the amount of time the candidate can devote each day.

Understand The Syllabus

The first step is to go through the subject-wise syllabus of CTET. We will suggest to take a print-out of the syllabus and paste it near your study table.

List down the topics, which you are good at hence will require less time and the topics on which you need to spend more time.

How To Prepare For CTET

Subject-wise study and question bank - Start with a subject, brush-up the theory and start attempting the questions. Revisit the concepts whenever you complete all the questions of a topic. Do it especially for all the questions, which you attempted wrong or were unable to answer.

Start the preparation with Child Development and Pedagogy as this subject has many important theorems and hypothesis. The subject is very important to study, as it is different from the subjects the candidates teach at school. The questions are tricky and it is important to read the questions well.

Previous Year Papers - Once all the subjects are completed, it is time to start attempting Previous Year Papers. We suggest attempting last 5 years papers. Try to attempt the complete paper in one go as it will improve concentration and help you practice long-sitting hours. It is also important for time management.

Again revisit the concepts for all the question, which you attempted wrong or were unable to answer in Previous Year Papers.

CTET format is objective type with multiple-choice questions. There is no negative marking, so attempt all questions. For details on the CTET pattern, please refer to the CTET-Pattern page.

Mock Test Series - Now is the time to take the Mock Test Series. You should plan to start attempting Mock Test Series at least 15 days before the actual paper. We suggest attempting at least 5 mock tests, one every alternate day. After taking each mock test, spend the next day in brushing up the doubts and concepts. If you are doing things right, your mock test score should improve every time.

Your Complete Guide to CTET Exam

  1. CTET Paper 1 (In English and Hindi)
  2. CTET Paper 2 Maths & Science (In English and Hindi)
  3. CTET Paper 2 Social Studies (In English and Hindi)
  • Chapter-wise Questions
  • Solved Previous Year Papers
  • Model Test Papers

Time Distribution

Subject/Topic Percentage Time 6 Months/24 Weeks Plan 3 Months/12 Weeks Plan
Child Development and Pedagogy 20% 5 Weeks 2 Weeks
Maths 15% 4 Weeks 1.5 Week
E.V.S. 15% 4 Weeks 1.5 Week
Language 1 15% 4 Weeks 1.5 Week
Language 2 15% 4 Weeks 1.5 Week
Previous Year Papers 10% 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Mock Tests 10% 2 Weeks 2 Weeks