What to do when only few days are left for CTET exam!!!

CTET 2018 exams are approaching fast. You all have worked hard. Now this is the time to finely change your preparation into success. To help you in this CTET Online Prep is presenting few points that you need to keep in mind few days before CTET exam.
Following points will help you in succeeding in CTET exam:

• Plan your test taking strategy – You have done all the preparation. Now is the time to decide what your right strategy will be. Decide here the amount of time you would like to give to each questions. Which section

• Give more & more mock tests – The more mocks you give the more you come to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover mocks also helps you in letting you know the pattern of actual exam. There are various sites helping in this. One of them is CTET Online Prep where you can also get other course material for CTET preparation.

• Do not try to learn everything now – Nobody can learn everything. So don’t try to cover everything under sun. Instead make yourself stronger in the topics you are good at.

• Do not learn new, but focus on old – Don’t start a new topic, but revise and practice the topics you are already strong in. This will ensure that you will not lose marks at what you are already good at.

• Focus on Pedagogy – Pedagogy is very important for CTET exams. Around 30% of whole CTET Exam contains Child pedagogy questions. So, prepare very well for this section. You can find specially designed Child Pedagogy content on our site CTET Online Prep.

• Do not learn new concepts in Mathematics – Mathematics is not something you can just mug up, it takes a lot of practice to get perfect in it. So if you don’t know a mathematics concept this is not the best time to start learning it now. Instead, as already said, practice that in what you are already good at.

• Do solve previous year question papers – Solving previous question papers gives you confidence, and also let you know your weaknesses. CTET Previous year papers can be found for free on CTET Online Prep.

• Work on your weaknesses you get to know in this time period – After solving all those previous year papers, mock tests you will know where you are lagging behind. Make your weakness your strength. If not, your practice will be of no use.

• Also practice filling model of answers – It is present on the official CTET site. This will familiarize you with the structure of the answer sheet.

• Relax, eat & sleep well – Don’t panic. Eat good, sleep well. This will keep your morale high and eventually help you concentrate well for the exams. In a healthy and happy body lies a healthy brain and happy brain.
We wish you all the best for your CTET exam. May you all come out with flying colors! From Team CTET Online Prep.

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