What To Do After CTET Exam is Over

Once the CTET exams are over people are in dilemma about what to do next? Let’s figure it out.
The first step is to analyze and understand how the CTET exam went. The best way to do this is to go through the question paper and answer keys. If not, you can get access to answer key paper 1, answer key Paper 2 which will be available soon on the CTET’s official site ctet.nic.in.

If the cut off does not crosses the 60% criteria, don’t worry, prepare again. Check what your weak points are and work on that. Qualifying CTET is not much difficult and you still have got 5 months to do so. First of all understand the examination pattern and syllabus. Then plan your preparations accordingly. Practice more mocks this time and also focus on child pedagogy.

Take help of answer key of the set accordingly, and check your best performance subject and your worst performance subject. After analyzing this it will become easier to plan your study time table.

If you are expecting your cut off to be above 60%, congratulations that you have qualified the CTET exam. But there is one more side of the story; merely a cut off wont ensure your seat as a teacher. As stated on the CBSE CTET site, qualifying the CTET would not confer a right on any person for recruitment/employment as it is only one of the eligibility criteria for appointment.

For those who are qualifying the exam, there are more than 18,000 CBSE affiliated schools in the country and all of them have to follow this mandate to hire teachers with CTET qualification only. CTET certificate holders are also eligible to teach in Government school under State Government. Although, most of the states conduct their own TET, but CTET certificate is considered in many State schools.Once you qualify the CTET exam, you are eligible to apply for primary teachers and TGT posts in Central Government Schools such as Army Schools, Central CBSE Schools/KVS, and Navodaya Samithi Schools.

Anyway, to get a career in teaching after qualifying the CTET exam you need to apply to different government and private organizations. Be in contact with employment related news and search regarding educator opening. After applying, one may need to confront written test and face to face meeting depending on the schools you are applying for.

Following the above steps will be of great help. Be confident and sure of your success. All the best.

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