Understanding the subject of Child Development & Pedagogy for CTET 2018

Understanding the subject of Child Development & Pedagogy for CTET 2018

We must teach the way students learn – Pedro Nogeura.

Teaching is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. Schooling has now evolved with time and there are various new and interactive methods like online classes and home schooling. However, with this evolution, there has also been a need to develop various teaching methods based on the approach and vision of the schools and institutions. Two such common methods include andragogy and pedagogy.

Child development and pedagogy

Pedagogy is the art, science and craft of teaching where you accompany learners, care for them and bring the concept of learning to life. Teachers can develop assessment strategies and design learning experiences based on strong pedagogical principles. Pedagogy includes the various different types and variations of teaching. The most common instructional design models are based on the ADDIE model – analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.

Child development and pedagogy is an important part of paper I and paper II in the CTET exams. Passing this exam gives aspiring teachers an opportunity to teach at government schools and thus, it is important to understand the subjects well for CTET.

Online Studying with CTET Online Prep

If you want to score well in the CTET exams on 16th September 2018, you must study the science of pedagogy and instructional design. You can find complete online study materials for this subject by CTET online Prep,  the market leader in the subject, to brush up on your knowledge and be prepared for the paper. The online course structure is committed to support teachers in their preparation for CTET, especially with the subject of CDP. You can also take up a number of mock tests to get an idea about your knowledge levels and review your preparation. In order to get good marks in this particular subject, you must be thorough with all the topics for the paper and practice the questions well. CTET Online prep’s content is the most sought after content for CTET in the market especially for Paper 1.

Overview of CDP

  • Child development – 15 questions
  • Inclusive education – 5 questions
  • Language and pedagogy – 10 questions

Topics to be covered in CDP for CTET prep 2018:

  • Stages of development and its relationship with learning
  • Principles of development and child development theory
  • Hereditary and environmental influences on children’s learning
  • The process of socialization – with teachers, parents and peers
  • Development theories – constructs and critical perspectives
  • Concepts of child centric and progressive education
  • Theories and concepts of intelligence
  • Language development
  • Gender roles and educational practice
  • Variations among individual learners
  • Different types and characteristics of a good evaluation process
  • Enhancing the critical thinking ability and learning experiences
  • Understanding the concepts of inclusive education and roles of teachers in imparting education to children with special needs
  • Thinking and learning processes of children, concepts of memory and why children fail to achieve success in school
  • Process of teaching and learning
  • Children as problem solvers and scientific investigators
  • Understanding alternate conceptions in learning and children’s errors in the process of learning

Child Development & Pedagogy (CDP) is a crucial subject in the CTET exams. If you want to excel as a teacher in your career ahead and be a motivational and inspiring teacher, the thorough understanding of this subject will definitely be of immense benefit to you.

Good luck!

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