Everything you need to Know to Crack CTET This September 2015

The Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) will be conducted on 20th September 2015 for candidates

who aspire to become teachers for class I to VIII. This exam is mandatory for those teachers who are

looking for a job in a government school. Of late, many private schools also prefer teachers who

have cleared this exam. Thus, if you want to be a part of this noble profession, it is time to get ready

for the exam season! The last date for submitting online forms is 19th August 2015 and the entire

application process is completely online.

Getting Geared Up For Success

The competition is highly intense for this examination and thus, aspirants need to prepare

thoroughly to clear the test. Every year, around 8-10 lakh teachers appear for the test but only a few

thousands actually clear it. In order to qualify for a teaching job, candidates must score a minimum

of 60% (i.e. 90 marks out of 150). This is definitely one of the tougher exams but with the right

preparation and guidance, clearing CTET is an achievable target. If you are eligible to take the test,

you will definitely be familiar with the basic concepts. You just need to revise them and practice

giving the exam so that you are all set for success. In a CTET exam, the questions usually check your

understanding of the concepts rather than your ability to learn and remember the syllabus.

We bring you some of the top tips from experts and pros who have excelled in their CTET so that you

too can succeed with flying colours in this test.

1. The First Step Matters the Most

To begin with, get the complete syllabus of the test from the official website of CTET along with the

exam pattern. If you are looking for positive results, you need to begin in the right direction so that

you make your journey worthwhile.

2. Online Study Material is Always There for You

You can find a lot of reliable online study material for CTET online prep. You can look for question

banks with a pool of questions from the CTET pattern, solve previous years’ papers and read through

quality text online to brush up on your concepts. You can also downloads apps for studying and

continue your revision on your phones and tablets, anywhere you go!

3. Time Is Money

While studying for CTET September 2015, remember that time is the most crucial factor in

preparation. Allocate your time in a way that you can focus equally on each subject and spare some

additional time for the subjects that seem challenging for you.

4. Know your Subjects

If you are appearing for Paper I & II, you must know the subjects well and prepare accordingly. Pay

careful attention to the concepts related to Child Development & Pedagogy as this contributes to 90

marks in the exam.

5. Mock Tests are Real Tests of your Knowledge

Opt for timed mock tests with analysis and review so that you can be sure of your level of

understanding and preparation for the exams. You can take CTET mock tests online and learn a lot

through the assessments and reviews. It is recommended to take at least 8-10 of these mock tests

for 2 months before you sit for the final exam. This will help you get ready for the 150 minutes of

examination and also prepare you thoroughly to improve your score.

The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself and study hard. It is also crucial to get

adequate rest before the exam so that you can have a relaxed mind and be determined to succeed.

All the best!

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