CTET Benefits And Motivation

The role of a centralized education system in a country is very important and in a big country like India this role even increases. Ina-centralized educational system the responsibility of maintaining the quality of education lies with the center so that the students of a country may become better citizens and teachers in future. So to achieve this objective the central government adopts various measures from time to time. So continuing with this series of measures, the Central Board of students’ Education (CBSE) started the CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test)

few years back as the minimum eligibility requirement for become teachers in central schools for the B.Ed. trained young students of the country. The aim of this exam is to recruit best teachers for the government schools who can contribute towards the country’s development. Till now there was no minimum eligibility required for being teachers as like NET (National Eligibility Test) which is conducted for being lecturers in degree colleges, but now the government has taken a good step by introducing CTET. The other state governments have also adopted their individual TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) on the lines of CTET like UTET for Uttrakhand and H TET for Haryana etc.

If we talk of benefits of CTET,they are many. Let us summarize below:-

    1- The standard of the exam:-The level of question papers of CTET exam is pretty high. Only students who have in-depth knowledge of their subject are able to crack the exam. As there is a proverb which says “Learning without understanding is no learning at all.”Students who do not believe in this axiom and believe in only cramming the concepts cannot get through in this exam.Thus the introduction of CTET will improve the quality of teachers in government schools.
    2- Transparency in system:-The introduction of CTET has ensured better transparency and accountability in India’s educational system. There is only one exam for the whole country, the benefit of which is that the schools of the whole country have same quality of education.Thus,the accountability of future teachers lies with them only.
    3- The pattern of syllabus:-The pattern for CTET exam has been designed in such a way that it includes all those topics which are essential for a teacher to know like knowledge of child pedagogy, general English, general Hindi, Science and Mathematics for students of science stream and social studies for students of other streams.
    4- The use of technology in exam:-The evaluation of CTET question papers is done on OMR sheet which has set an example of best use of Information Technology and the use of online application has also contributed in this direction.
    5- Flexibility in evaluating answer sheets:-Today the use of negative marking has become common in all exams, which is a deterrent in getting good marks, but there is no provision of negative marking in this exam, which will ensure more students to pass this exam.
    6- Improvement in the standard of Govt. schools:-Most government schools have failed to attract the attraction of elite class in the society. Introduction of CTET will help the image of government schools to improve and elevate their importance in society.
    7- The reduced number of applicants for the jobs:-Till now all B.Ed. degree possessing individuals appeared for any post whose aim was to recruit PGT-TGT teachers for govt. schools. The Introduction of CTET has put a limit to number of such aspirants.
    8- Long time validity of CTET certificate:-After qualifying CTET exam once, there is no need to appear in this exam for the next five years. This will ensure for the students who want to be teacher to concentrate more on their studies.It has been seen that parents are afraid to send their child to government schools. Now there is only a need to motivate them to changing their attitude towards government schools .It is possible in many ways such as:-
    9- Opportunity to work in better environment for both teachers and students:-Introduction of CTET has paved the way for good quality education of government schools and increases the interest of parents, teachers and students to study in such schools. Now there is a need to motivate them by giving right direction.

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    10- Coveted job:-In our society teacher’s job has been considered as neglected one. Now as the quality of education in such schools will improve, there is a need to motivate parents and aspirants towards these schools. This step has ensured that teachers get better pay and all other allowances.
    11- Removal of illusion: – Sometimes ago government issued a notification that it is necessary for the children of all government officials to study in only government schools. But there is no implementation of this till now. Now with the improvement in the quality of government schools this step will motivate the government officials and other high ranking officers to send their children to such schools.
    Conclusion: – When government takes any step with an aim to improve the level of its people, development is indispensable. We hope that introduction of CTET will fulfill its objectives and make India a better country in all ways.

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